Phone Calls Made Easy for DeafBlind Users

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Have you ever been stuck on a bus or train due to an unexpected delay? Or perhaps you’ve missed the bus or train and needed to tell someone you were running late? Want to reach your doctor’s office or employer while you’re traveling? For someone who is DeafBlind, having an accessible way to contact others and/or alert them about plan changes is important, particularly if options like Video Relay Service (VRS) are inaccessible or unavailable.

T-Mobile IP Relay makes it easy for a DeafBlind person to contact someone using a phone, tablet, and/or computer (with or without a braille device!) Users can make and receive calls through IP Relay, but the service also includes other features DeafBlind users will find useful. For example, IP Relay lets users save or email call transcripts — perfect for reviewing the conversation in the future. Whether you’re looking for a confirmation number or just refreshing your memory of the call’s content, you’ll find this extremely helpful. Add to this other accessible feature such as customizable font sizes, colors, background colors, and even voice carryover (VCO).

IP Relay and other accessibility services empower DeafBlind users to make and receive calls without relying on others such as interpreters, communication facilitators, or family or friends. This fits T-Mobile’s history of “changing wireless for good,” and demonstrates a passion to provide a fantastic customer experience. 

T-Mobile reinvented customer service, brought real 5G to the nation, and even made it easy to limit scam calls, all with an eye toward improving its customers’ wireless experience. The company recognizes that people with different abilities have different communication needs, and this drives its commitment to meeting these needs through T-Mobile Accessibility services like IP Relay. 

T-Mobile IP Relay is available at no cost for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, and for those who have speech disabilities. Only T-Mobile provides this FCC (Federal Communications Commission)-authorized service in the U.S.

Are you or is someone you know deaf, hard-of-hearing, DeafBlind, or a person with speech disability? Sign up for this no-cost service. It’s easy! Go to www.t-mobile.com/iprelay and click on the “register” link. If you’d prefer to use it on a mobile device or tablet, just download the app for iOS or Android and tap on the “Register for IP Relay” button. Once you register, you’ll have IP Relay wherever you go and whenever you need it!

Figure 1: A woman holds out a smartphone with IP Relay on the screen. The magenta border at the top includes the name Thomas and in the body of the app screen are three bubbles that include a conversation about pizza.