Sprint IP Relay for DeafBlind Customers

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Sprint IP Relay for DeafBlind Customers


There are many challenges someone who has a combined vision and hearing loss face. One of those challenges is accessing the phone system.  Individuals with no hearing but vision can access the phone system using a videophone. Those with no vision, but who have hearing can use the phone with accessibility feature support.  How does someone with vision and hearing loss continue to call doctors, contact emergency services such as 911, arrange for medical appointments, contact businesses, or reach out to friends and family. Sprint IP Relay is a communication solution for those with a combined vision and hearing loss.


What is Sprint IP Relay?

Sprint IP Relay allows a Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind or individual with a Speech Disability to access the phone system through a relay operator.  The Sprint IP Relay user will type their message to the relay operator and then the relay operator will read aloud to the other party what was typed. Everything spoken by the other party will be typed by the relay operator and provided to the user who initiated the call.  This process is all done through text, so a user with a braille display does not need to see the screen or use their voice to communicate with the hearing caller.


What features are available for braille users?

Not only can the DeafBlind user who uses a braille device follow along on a smartphone, but they can also set notifications on the braille device to vibrate when a new message in the conversation appears.  The user no longer needs to scroll back and forth to check for new content. There is also a pacing option which allows the DeafBlind user to adjust the speed of the text being received from the relay operator to ensure the text is at a comfortable pace for the IP Relay user.


What types of devices are supported?

This service is available through internet connected devices, like smartphones, tablets, computers and more. Sprint IP Relay can be accessed on the web at www.sprintip.com using an internet browser on a tablet or computer.  Mobile devices must be running iOS 9 or higher or Android 6 or higher. For people with low vision, Sprint IP Relay is compatible with the accessibility settings configured on the device or computer.


How much does it cost?

The Sprint IP Relay service is available for free to eligible individuals. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind or individuals with a Speech Disability qualify to register for the Sprint IP Relay service. Registration is required to verify an individual’s identity and residency.  Registered users can call anyone at any time with no time limit within the United States and its territories.


What other features are available?

  1. Copy or email your conversation to save for later reference.

  2. Text Mail allows the relay operator to send a text message from the caller to the Sprint IP Relay registered user’s email address.

  3. Display settings such as invert colors, zoom, zoom text, and increase contrast.


How do I sign up?

To sign up, simply go to www.sprintip.com or tap the registration button on the mobile app. While the process is accessible for DeafBlind users, Sprint understands it may be challenging for some users to complete the registration on their own. The Accessibility Care team is available to help with any issues and can be reached either through the website or mobile app. Or email deafblind@sprint.com for assistance.

For more information, visit: www.sprintrelay.com/sprintiprelay.


Avail. only in USA for customers with hearing or speech disability. Although Sprint IP Relay can be used for emergency calling, such emergency calling may not function the same as traditional 911/E911 services. By using Sprint IP Relay for emergency calling, you agree that Sprint is not responsible for any damages resulting from errors, defects, malfunctions, interruptions or failures in accessing or attempting to access emergency services through Sprint IP Relay; whether caused by the negligence of Sprint or otherwise. Avail. only in USA and US territories. Int’l. calls will either be blocked or terminated. Data & standard msg. rates may apply. Offer/coverage not avail. everywhere or for all networks. Restrictions apply. See sprintrelay.com for details. © 2020 Sprint. All rights reserved.