Sprint pioneers service simplifying wireless communications for individuals with speech disabilities

Overland Park, Kansas | Press Releases

Overland Park, Kansas, May 17, 2012 – Sprint (NYSE: S) today has made it easier for individuals with speech disabilities to initiate calls using a wireless phone. Sprint’s newly launched “My Wireless STS” service enables individuals with speech disabilities to simply dial a short wireless code – *787 – to place an operator-assisted call.

A Speech to Speech (STS) operator listens to the conversation and repeats the words of the person with a speech disability to the other party. STS users can instruct the STS operator to repeat every word spoken or to simply repeat the words that are unclear. No special equipment is needed.

STS users can access the *787 service from anywhere in the country 24 hours a day, 365 days per year — and at no charge to the user.

“We are very excited to announce *787 – a service that’s tailored to the needs of STS users,” said Michael Ellis, Director, Sprint Relay. “We are the first in the industry to bring this service to market, and we’re pleased to have developed it in collaboration with speech disabled communities across the country.”

Sprint also offers “My Email Set-up” for STS users with access to email. “We know that some STS users may tire and speech may become more difficult during long calls. Our new Email Set-Up makes it easier,” Ellis said. “To reduce the amount of energy needed to provide calling instructions, STS users can email that information directly to the STS operator 2 to 24 hours prior to the call. This can include information such as the number to be dialed, the name of the person being called, any special instructions and subject of the call, or anything that makes it easier for the STS user to complete the call.”

Sprint also recently announced the availability of dedicated customer service for STS users. Sprint’s STS support staff provides one-on-one assistance, training on the STS service and can assist STS users to register their calling preferences. The new STS support toll-free number is 1-877-787-1989.

More information about the enhanced STS features can be found at www.sprintsts.com

For its innovation and industry-leading customer service in the deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled communities, Sprint has been lauded with third-party awards and endorsements. The Paisley Group National Relay TTY Performance Index™ ranked Sprint Relay highest in customer care and speed of service. Sprint Relay also earned ABILITY Magazine’s Best Practices Award for its “spirit of inclusion” in the workplace and in the consumer marketplace.”

Sprint now provides relay service to 32 states and the federal government, to the country of New Zealand and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Sprint also provides Captioned Telephone “CapTel” services to 31 states and the federal government.