How to view Teleconference Captioning Service (TCS) captions:

  1. Join conference bridge or web conference link
  2. Click on the TCS link in your confirmation email or TCS link provided by host
  3. Begin reading captions from captioning window.

While conference call or web conference participants are speaking, the captioner listens and captions the meeting.

You read the captions using an internet-connected device (i.e., computer monitor, tablet, or mobile phone) through a web browser.


If you prefer to voice your own message:

  • Talk directly to meeting participants via the same conference bridge or web conferencing platform used by the captioner.
  • Your words appear on the real-time streaming display.


If you want to save transcripts:

Click the TRANSCRIPT icon.The host must select if transcripts are available for participants when submitting request for TCS.

Select one of three options to save transcripts:

  • Save to your hard drive
  • Email to an individual
  • Print


If you wish to change font or background preferences:

  • Click on the SETTINGS icon
  • Change font type, font size, font color, background color, new text color, display new text (word by word or buffered), length of delay, and/or your username. 
  • After you complete the change, click the “Return to Live Captions.”


For troubleshooting issues during a meeting, use your confirmation email or call 833-250-2784.