TRS Customer Profile

Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) Customer Profile stores an individual TTY/STS/VCO/HCO relay user's call preferences. This speeds up call processing and ensures that the customer's preferred long distance carrier is used each time a call is made.

You can set up your TRS Customer Profile by:

  • Contacting T-Mobile Accessibility Care at 800-676-3777 (TTY/Voice). Representatives will take your request and can set up your profile while you are on the phone or send you a form to complete
  • Filling out your TRS Customer Profile directly online at
  • Click here to download Customer TRS Profile form.


T-Mobile Accessibility Care is available to answer any questions you may have:

Voice: 800-676-3777

Speech-to-Speech: 877-787-1989

TTY: 800-676-3777

Spanish: 800-676-4290


Address: T-Mobile Accessibility Care, KSOPHD01-Z8200, 6220 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park, KS  66251-8200

Fax: 877-877-3291