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AdminNov 7, 2023 3:30:56 PM< 1 min read

MyMMX Discontinued?

Have you heard the news that GlobalVRS will soon discontinue MyMMX for DeafBlind community? While this might be disappointing to many in the DeafBlind community, we wanted you to know that we continue to offer IP Relay services as a viable alternative for accessible communication. In Fact, we’ve been offering this service since 2002! We’re not going anywhere and remain committed to our DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Deaf, and hard of hearing communities as well as people who have speech disabilities! T-Mobile’s got you covered! T-Mobile knows that having access to call your doctors, providers, colleagues, friends, and families is so important for the DeafBlind community to remain connected with their communities. By being connected is to have accessible options to make and receive calls anywhere, anytime! No one should be without access to telecommunications as being connected to the world matters for all, including our DeafBlind customers!