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Accessible meetings (captions)

Captions make meetings and calls more accessible.

Conference calls and video meetings have become commonplace for everyone in the workplace. Yet, for people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or who have a speech disability, these meetings are often inaccessible. 

T-Mobile's conference captions — including "relay conference captions" or "RCC" — display live, real-time captions for virtual meetings, webinars, and conference calls. Whether you're a business who needs to make meetings accessible for employees, or a federal government employee who is deaf, hard-of-hearing or who has a speech disability and  needs to more completely engage in meetings, T-Mobile has a solution.

Better engagement with real-time captions.

With T-Mobile, you can add broadcast TV-quality, real-time captions to your conference and video calls. All you need is a device — a phone, computer, or tablet — with a high-speed internet connection. 

Follow the meeting dialogue on the screen as it is spoken. You can even review a meeting's discussion with a written transcript of your call. 

  • High-quality captioners deliver live, real-time text 

  • Ideal for group conversations in a videoconference, conference calls

  • No software download required

Captions you can trust.

T-Mobile has provided captions to federal, state, and corporate customers for over 20 years. Our business captions are 98% accurate and are delivered in a 256-bit end-to-end encrypted caption stream.

Browser-based. No software downloads.

T-Mobile captions have minimal system requirements.

  • Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

  • JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or macOS 10 or later

  • High-speed internet connection (DSL, Cable, Wi-Fi or wireless network*)

    * Data and standard message rates may apply.

State-funded captions

Many states offer conference captions as part of their state-funded accessibility initiatives. Part of the telecommunications relay service, these captions are available to state residents at no cost, and are often called "Relay Conference Captions" or abbreviated as RCC. Some states even offer expanded services for people with speech disabilities.

Federally funded captions

If you are a federal government administrator or employee, you may be able to use T-Mobile conference captions for your meetings. Like their state-funded counterparts, they are often called "Relay Conference Captions" or abbreviated as RCC, because they are offered as part of the telecommunications relay service. These captions are the same high-quality captions, but paid for by your agency.

See it in action:

Captioning demo

T-Mobile displays the captions during the meeting, right on your screen, and captioners distinguish between speakers right in the caption stream. 

Our customers have lots to say.

"During the first couple years of the Pandemic, Zoom did not provide captioning services in breakout rooms, rendering whole swaths of community resource and information sharing ineffective. Your live captions made our ... virtual conference completely accessible for attendees during a global pandemic when information and resource exchange was essential for safety and survival. Today, the accuracy of live captioners will still beat Zoom AI-based captioning any day and you are my go-to resource."
Kacy O.Neptune, NJ