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Options for people
with hearing loss

Better connections for people with hearing loss.

T-Mobile has empowered people with hearing loss with unique communication solutions for decades. Today, T-Mobile works with manufacturers who offer a variety of hearing-aid compatible (HAC) phones, for a better experience for our customers who are hard-of-hearing. We also offer services that deliver live captions for conference and video calls as well as for live meetings. 

  • Celebrate diverse connections with T-Mobile, where every voice matters
  • Enjoy solutions tailored for your unique abilities. 
  • T-Mobile’s hardware and software is dedicated to accessibility solutions for those who are hard of hearing. 


Accessible wireless

Whether you're making that important VRS call, firing up IP Relay, or maybe just sitting in on a captioned Zoom conference, it's better on T-Mobile. That's because T‑Mobile is America's largest and fastest 5G network, and we have a longstanding commitment to accessibility.


Accessible meetings

Whether you're joining a conference call or a video meeting, make it accessible with captions from T-Mobile. Explore our Accessible Meetings Page to discover inclusive and effective communication how ever you meet.

Hearing aid compatibility for mobile phones

General info about hearing aid compatibility (HAC)

T-Mobile ensures that a certain portion of its essential handsets offered to customers are compatible with hearing aids.

Some hearing aid users may detect interference in the form of a buzzing, humming, or whining noise when using a wireless phone. The amount of interference experienced may vary due to differences in immunity levels of hearing aids.

A rating system (M1 through M4 for microphone and T1 through T4 for telecoil) is used to assist consumers with identifying handsets designed to be compatible with hearing aids. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules require the labeling of phones that receive a rating of 3 or 4, which are deemed to be hearing aid compatible. Phones that receive a rating of 3 or 4 usually cause the least amount of interference. Typically, the higher the M or T rating assigned to a phone, the less interference.

Although the rating system is not a guarantee, it is a useful tool for consumers to determine the most appropriate wireless handset.

For additional information about hearing aid compatibility with digital wireless phones, see the hearing aid compatibility brochure and the FCC guide.

Important note about HAC phones

Hearing-aid-compatible phones have been tested and rated for use with hearing aids for some of the wireless technologies they use. However, some newer wireless technologies used in these phones may not been tested yet for use with hearing aids. It is important to try the features of your phone thoroughly and in different locations, using your hearing aid or cochlear implant, to determine if you hear any interfering noise. Consult the manufacturer of your phone for information on hearing aid compatibility. If you have questions about return or exchange policies, consult your service provider or phone retailer.

Handsets with Wi-Fi or Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calling capabilities may not have been tested for hearing aid compatibility in these calling modes.

HAC-rated phones
Hearing Aid Compatible Phones

T-Mobile currently offers the following hearing- aid-compatible handsets—all rated at M3 or better. Any handset rated M3 or better (as well as T3 or better) was evaluated using the 2011 ANSI Standard.

Best/Premium: Devices featuring higher-end design, materials, and finishes, paired-up with a more sophisticated user interfaces and functionalities.

Apple iPhone 15 (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E8427A)
Apple iPhone 15 Plus (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E8431A)
Apple iPhone 15 Pro (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E8435A)
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E8439A)
Apple iPhone 14 (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E8138A)
Apple iPhone 14 Plus (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E8139A)
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E8140A)
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E8141A)
Apple iPhone 13 mini (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E3994A)
Apple iPhone 13 (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E3997A)
Apple iPhone 13 Pro (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E4000A)
Apple iPhone SE (3rd gen) (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID - BCG-E4082A)
Google Pixel 8 -  FCC ID - A4RG9BQD - M3 & T4
Google Pixel 8 Pro - FCC ID - A4RG1MNW - M3 & T4
Google Pixel Fold - M3 & T4 - FCC ID A4RG9FPL
Google Pixel 7a (rated M3 & T4) (FCC ID: A4RGWKK3)
Google Pixel 6 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: A4RGB7N6)
Motorola edge 2022 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: IHDT56AE7)
Motorola razr+ 2023 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: IHDT56AJ3)
Motorola razr 2023 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: IHDT56AL9)
OnePlus 9 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: 2ABZ2-EF136)
OnePlus 10T 5G (rated M3 & T3) ( FCC ID 2ABZ2-AA497)
Samsung Galaxy S23 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: A3LSMS911U)
Samsung Galaxy S23+ (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: A3LSMS916U)
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: A3LSMS918U)
Samsung Galaxy S22 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: A3LSMS901U)
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID:A3LSMG990U2)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: A3LSMF711U)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: A3LSMF731U)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: A3LSMF946U)

Good: Entry-level phones with straight-forward features, applications, and designs.

Cat® S62 (rated M4 & T3) (FCC ID: ZL5S62)
Cat® S22 Flip (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: ZL5S22F)
Motorola moto g 5G - 2023 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID IHDT56AH4)
Motorola moto g stylus 5G - 2023 (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: IHDT56AL2)
Nokia G310 5G (rated M4 & T3) (FCC ID: 2AJOTTA-1573)
OnePlus Nord N30 5G (rated M2 & T2) (FCC ID: 2ABZ2-AA534)
OnePlus Nord N300 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: 2ABZ2-AA272)
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: ZCASMA146U)
Samsung Galaxy A03s (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: 2ZCASMA037U)
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: A3LSMA546U)
Sonim XP3plus (rated M4 & T4) (FCC ID: WYPP14303)
Sonim XP3plus Non-Camera Version (rated M4 & T4) (FCC ID: WYPP14303)
TCL 30 XE 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: 2ACCJH155)
TCL FLIP Go (rated M4 & T4) (FCC ID: 2ACCJN059)
TCL Stylus 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: 2ACCJN058)
T-Mobile® REVVL® 6x 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: 2APXW-TMRV065G)
T-Mobile® REVVL® 6x PRO 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: 2APXW-TMAF035G)
T-Mobile® REVVL® 6 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: 2APXW-TMAF025G)
T-Mobile® REVVL® 6 PRO 5G (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: 2APXW-TMAF035G)
Wiko Voix (rated M3 & T3) (FCC ID: XD6U616AT)

Last updated on 10/6/23