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State-funded captions (RCC)

Welcome to accessible meetings.

Part of the telecommunications relay service, Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) ensures seamless captions for conference calls, as well as video and in-person meetings.

As meeting participants speak, a dedicated captioner listens and provides real-time captions, allowing users to follow along on an internet-connected device, like a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Captions appear in the browser or meeting platform, so no software download is required.

RCC is available at no cost to users in the states listed below. For details about your specific state's program, choose your site from the list and visit its site.


See if your state participates.

* Wait! Before you choose your state, make sure you turn off the popup blocker in your browser. Then choose your state from the drop-down menu to go to your state.

Commonly Asked Questions


How can I have my message voiced by the captioner? Type your message in the "Message Captioner" text box and send it to the captioner. Your words will be read aloud to meeting participants.
Can I voice my own message during a meeting? Yes, talk directly to meeting participants using the conference bridge or web conferencing platform. Your words will appear on the real-time streaming display.
How do I save transcripts during a meeting?

Click the TRANSCRIPT icon, and choose to save transcripts to your hard drive, email them to an individual, or print them. The host must enable transcript availability for participants.

How can I send messages to the captioner?

Click the MESSAGE CENTER icon, type your message, and click send. Note that the captioner may not respond quickly due to their role in captioning the meeting.

Can I change the font or background?

Click the SETTING icon to change font type, size, color, background color, new text color, display mode (word by word or buffered), length of delay, and/or your username. After making changes, click "Return to Live Captions."

What if my area does not appear in the dropdown?

T-Mobile is the nation's largest Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) provider and is currently awarded 38 TRS state contracts (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), and the federal government. If we do not have a state RCC service available in your area, we still offer a variety of solutions for your needs! Explore our Services Page to learn more about our solutions for accessibility!

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