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Options for the
DeafBlind community

Communication commitment

T-Mobile is committed to serving the DeafBlind community with services and a dedicated outreach team. IP Relay is a Braille display-compatible, accessible communication option for making and receiving phone calls at home or on mobile devices. Our DeafBlind outreach team presents to the community nationwide, offering in-person and online training for IP Relay as well as guidance on a variety of accessible communication options.

Call when you need to. Use braille when you want to.

T-Mobile IP Relay offers the DeafBlind community a variety of calling options that simplify both making and receiving calls. 


Accessible wireless

T-Mobile offers the largest and fastest 5G network in the U.S. so you can communicate faster in more places. Whether you're making a video or an IP Relay call, have the confidence that your call with be fast and smooth. Plus, with plans to meet a variety of needs, T-Mobile offers fantastic value for all of the communities it serves!

Our happy customers have lots to share.

"Usher Syndrome Coalition had the privilege to work with the T-Mobile DeafBlind Outreach Program. Their virtual educational presentation was an eye opener for utilizing accessible technology. The community coming together and connecting on so many levels is amazing to witness."

Michele TamasiNY USH Ambassador, New York City, NY

"My favorite feature of the IP-Relay is that I receive voice messages through email in a text format. It beats having to replay a video message over and over to fully understand it."

Rhonda V.Rochester, NY