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Options for people
with speech disabilities

The joy of communication.

T-Mobile's commitment to accessible communication extends to people with speech disabilities. The nation's largest and fastest 5G network, T-Mobile's Speech-to-Speech (STS) service, and T-Mobile IP Relay a quick, easy, all-text way to engage on the phone and give your voice a rest. 


With T-Mobile's Speech-to-Speech (STS) service, you'll gain more confidence and independence on all your phone conversations. Our trained operators can understand a variety of speech differences, repeating words and phrases clearly so your side of the call is smooth and stress-free.

Accessible wireless

T-Mobile offers the largest an fastest 5G network in the U.S. so you can communicate faster in more places. Whether you're making a Speech-to-Speech call or a quick IP Relay call, have the confidence that your call will happen just they way you want it to. Plus, with plans to meet a variety of needs, T-Mobile offers fantastic value!

Andy's story

Hear from one of our valued customers about how T-Mobile Speech-to-speech service empowered Andy to feel more confident on the phone.

What our customers have to say.

"There’s nothing more empowering to me than knowing I can do something for myself.  And I want people to know what is available."

Andy F.Fremont, IN

I am happy to report he had a successful conversation with his wife via phone.  He was so nervous about using [Speech-to-Speech] at first, but by the time he was done with the phone call, he said, “Wow! I can really be independent with this."

Sam M.Speech-Language Pathologist