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Text calls
using IP Relay

Phone calls simplified.

If you are deaf, DeafBlind, hard-of-hearing, or have a speech disability, T-Mobile IP Relay makes it easy to make and receive phone calls—using text! Just fire up your browser on your computer or tablet, or launch the app on your phone. Type in the number you want to dial, and communicate over text!

You type your side of the conversation, and a trained, T-Mobile operator voices what you type. When the person you're calling replies, the operator types the reply which you follow in text. In each case the operator is relaying the conversation over the internet (and where "IP Relay" gets its name.)

This seamless, real-time call is a great way to communicate, particularly when using video is inconvenient or not ideal. Even better, there's no cost to use the service!

Your calls. Your terms.

T-Mobile IP Relay was designed from the ground up for people who are deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing, or who have a speech disability, with thoughtful features that make text-based communication quick and easy.

Safe conversations.

Have you ever felt like you weren't "camera ready" to be on a Video Relay Service (VRS) call? Or maybe that conversation with your doctor isn't one you want to sign for everyone to see. Maybe you don't use sign language at all! T-Mobile IP Relay is a fantastic confidential way to make a phone call with whatever you have to say, because the entire conversation is in text, for your eyes only.

But what about having an operator on the call? IP Relay operators have strict, confidentiality agreements that forbid them from recording or disclosing anything said on calls by law. Even better? Because your call has a live operator, you'll get a smooth, accurate transcription of what's said.

Ideal for the DeafBlind community

T-Mobile has built-in compatibility with the most popular braille displays and screen readers right into IP Relay. We've also integrated iOS and Android accessibility features into T-Mobile IP Relay App to further meet individual needs.

Do specific font sizes, colors or backgrounds work best for your particular needs? You can customize it just the way you want it.

Even better, T-Mobile's dedicated DeafBlind outreach team is there to help anyone get comfortable and learn how to use IP Relay!

Ready when you need it.

T-Mobile IP Relay is a great way to make a call when you're doing other things, or when your internet connection is slow. The line at the grocery store, or a mountain trail may not be the best places to make a video call, but IP Relay is ready. It requires a lot less bandwidth, and like texting, you can communicate while you're doing other things. 

Not just IP Relay. T-Mobile IP Relay.

When we first began offering IP Relay twenty years ago, it was a breakthrough for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Since then, T-Mobile has connected millions of calls for people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, DeafBlind, or who have a speech disability. When you need to make an IP Relay call, trust the one provider who has been doing it longer than anyone else: T-Mobile.

Make IP Relay your own.

T-Mobile IP Relay lets you customize your call experience to meet your personal preferences, including:

  • Text Designed By You. You pick your font size, colors, and background colors.
  • Voice Carry Over. Enjoy two-line voice carry over (VCO) calls.
  • Hearing Carry Over. Use two-line hearing carry over (HCO) for calls.
  • Adjustable Typing Speed. Manage the typing speed to suit your preferences.
  • Call Transcripts. Keep a copy of your call transcript by saving it to your computer or mobile at the end of your call. You can also email it.
  • Confidential. Completely confidential. Only you can save or email your call transcripts.
  • Language Options. Choose between English and Spanish for seamless communication.
  • Text Mail. When you’re not available, the relay operator will type your caller’s message and send it to you as "Text Mail" to your email address.
  • Emergency Calls. Works for 911 emergency calls.

Register for IP Relay.

Take the first step: register. To use IP Relay, you'll need to register for the service. This quick, easy form will get you set up. Once you've registered, you can start making and receiving IP Relay calls right away.

Get the App.

Rather not use a browser? Download the IP Relay app for a quick, convenient way to add T-Mobile IP Relay to your iPhone or Android device. 

download the IP relay app from the apple app store for IOS devices Download the IP Relay App for Android devices from the Google Play Store

Our happy customers have lots to share.

“When I am tired or feeling rushed, I stutter more frequently.  With T-Mobile IP Relay service, I know I can connect with anyone, anytime and give myself a break from stuttering.”
Andy F.Fremont, IN
“I'm very happy with my experiences using T-Mobile IP Relay Service. It's worked very well, and I did not have to wait … very long to get a relay operator…The calls went well, using my computer and I was able to save a transcript of the call as a text file.”
Niesha W.Washington, DC
“I'm very happy with my experience using T-Mobile IP Relay Service. It's worked very well, and I did not have to wait … very long to get a relay operator…The calls went well, using my computer and I was able to save a transcript of the call as a text file.” 
Jim M.Sumter, SC
“I have been using IP Relay for over a decade now and I still use it with ease!  I live in Colorado and once had to make a phone call while I was out hiking in the back country at 12,000 feet, and guess what? It went through and worked beautifully!  I love this app, gives me peace of mind knowing that it will work just about anywhere I need it to! ”
Stephanie G.Denver, CO.

All IP Relay calls are strictly confidential. No records of any conversations are maintained by T-Mobile.

Questions? We have answers.

Why do I have to register to use the service? Great question! This is a requirement by the Federal Communications Service (FCC) for all relay services. The FCC requires you to both register for the service and verify your identity as a part of the registration. Don't worry though. It's easy, and most people complete their registration in a few minutes.
How do I register for IP Relay? It's easy! Just visit this link: to get started.
Tell me more about this "operator" on calls.

A relay operator literally "relays" the call, and is not part of the conversation. T-Mobile operators must follow strict confidentiality rules and are forbidden — by law — to record or disclose anything from any conversation they relay. 

They are not interpreters and do not interpret what they relay. A relay operator must must type everything heard from the hearing caller — even  background noises — and relay it to you as the IP Relay user. 

Likewise, they are required to read aloud everything you type, including what is typed in parentheses, to the person you're calling.

Why use a live operator instead of something automated?

Great question! We believe a live operator provides the best experience for IP Relay users, and are best equipped to accurately and completely relay what is said by the hearing people you're talking to. 

We also think a live operator is better at relaying conversations with people who have different accents or who have speech differences that may not be interpreted by an automated option.

Can I receive calls too? Absolutely! When you register for T-Mobile IP Relay, you receive your own phone number. When someone dials that number, you can accept the call and have the conversation in text, just like you would if you were starting the call.
Does IP Relay work with braille displays. It sure does! And T-Mobile continues to work with the DeafBlind community to ensure that equipment/software is compatible with IP Relay.
What about International Calls?

Nope. Unfortunately, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not allow International calls through Internet relay services. If you need to make an international call, you'll need to use the T-Mobile Relay International Service (using a TTY) at 605-224-1837 to complete your international relay call.

Can I use IP Relay in Spanish? You sure can, whether you use IP Relay on the web or using the IP Relay App. However, this is only for Spanish-to-Spanish calls. Translation services are not available.
What are the system requirements?

IP Relay requires very little to make your calling experience great. All you need is:

  1. An Internet connection. Examples include Wi-Fi or a wireless network.*
  2. A common Internet browser still supported by its creator. Examples include Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  3. Something to view the text conversations on. Examples include a computer, tablet, or mobile phone with iOS 11 or higher or Android OS 6.0 or higher.

That's it!

* Data and standard message rates may apply.

Do you have a T-Mobile IP Relay App? We do! Visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for "T-Mobile IP Relay."

Get started with IP Relay.