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Resources for all T-Mobile captioning services

Whether you're exploring the state- or federally-funded captioning options ("relay conference captions" or RCC), or T-Mobile Conference Captions, you'll find resources here for more detail on each.

Questions about Zoom, WebEx, Adobe, and YouTube integrations

Can I set up a manual captioner or use one web browser window with Zoom?

Yes, the host will assign the Closed Captioner to "Assign to Type Closed Caption" from the Zoom participant list. Here's more detail.

Can I see my captions in a separate browser window when I use Zoom?

Yes! On the request form, in the “Event Details” section, the host or requestor follows these steps:

  • Select “Video Meeting/Webinar” option,
  • In the drop-down menu for “Video Meeting/Webinar” field, select “Other” platform, and
  • Enter the Zoom meeting URL in the “Meeting Link” field.

Clicking the captions link will automatically open a separate web browser window, this will allow participants to join the Zoom meeting and read captions via two separate windows.

How do I embed captions for WebEx?

Here's a document with all the details: download

How do I embed captions for Adobe Connect? Here's a document with all the details: download
How do I embed captions for YouTube Live? Here's a document with all the details: download

Call setup questions

Do I need to add a "1" for my contact or conference number on the order form?

Nope. Just enter your 10-digit contact phone number or conference phone number. Adding a "1" will trigger an error message.

Do I enter a dial-in phone number for a Web Conference?

No. When you schedule an event, select Video Meeting/Webinar, then the web conferencing application, and paste the meeting link into the Meeting link field.  If your meeting requires one, enter a conference ID and/or password.

What if I want to speak for myself?

If you prefer to speak directly into the discussion or conference call, please join the audio conference bridge provided for all participants. You will be able to read everything captioned from the Relay Conference Captioning link and respond directly using a telephone (standard or mobile).

How can I cancel or make a change to my caption request?

When cancellations or changes occur follow these guidelines to change a scheduled event:

  1. Respond to the original RCC email confirmation for cancellations or event changes
  2. Cancelations must occur at least 24 hours before the start of the event.
  3. If you submitted multiple events (i.e. for a multi-day conference or workshop), you must cancel each day through the event confirmation email.
How do I get audio for the event?

The words that are spoken in the event and captioned by the captioner are not spoken out loud using the captioning service. If you wish to listen to the words being captioned, contact your event organizer for the audio bridge and access code.

What does the captioner need to connect to an event?

The captioner needs access to the audio via a conference bridge or web conferencing link or audio connection.

Will this be recorded? Do I have privacy?

The text of the event may be subject to recording via saved transcripts. This option is at the sole discretion of the host or scheduler of the conference call, video meeting or webinar.

Can I be anywhere for the meeting?

The service can be used anywhere with an internet-connected device with a web browser and captioner access to the event’s audio conference bridge.

How do I view my captions?
  1. Join conference bridge or web conference link
  2. Click on the link in your captioning confirmation email or link provided by host
  3. Your captions appear in the captioning window.

Note that if available, captions may be embedded on the webinar platform. While conference call or web conference participants are speaking, the captioner listens and captions the meeting. You follow the captions using an internet-connected device.

Interface and in-call questions

How do I change the display of the text?

The captioning screen's settings feature enables the following changes:

  • Font Style
  • Font Size
  • Background Color
  • New Text
  • Display New Text
  • Delay (0-60 sec)
Can I adjust the size of my browser window?

Yes, you can adjust the window to any size that you want, and your settings do not affect anyone else's display. We, recommend that your screen resolution be at 1024x768 pixels or higher and the browser window be set to full screen to allow for bigger font sizes that some users may require.

Can I have a private conversation with the captioner?

No. Discussions with the captioner should be avoided. Your captioner is there to capture the dialogue and deliver it to you in real-time. 

What is the Message Center?

The Message Center shows the participant what messages were sent to the captioner and the captioner’s responses to those messages. It's similar to a chat window but is highly restricted within the Message Center. No one else can view this private dialogue. 

What is "Delay (0-60 sec)" in settings?

This controls the time it takes for new text to appear in the live transcript. Higher intervals will display larger blocks of text more slowly. Lower intervals display smaller blocks of text more quickly.

What is "Message Captioner?"

If a meeting participant wants the captioner to audibly speak something into the meeting, type what is to be spoken into this box. To use this feature, the RCC "Service Type" option must have been selected when the conference was ordered.

What's the limit for material typed into the Message Captioner window?

There is no limit. However, a great deal of text in this window could cause problems for the captioner. Note that as soon as the return key is pressed, the contents of this window are visible to the captioner.

What is the Transcript button for?

If the "Allow participants to view and save" when the meeting was set up, this button will allow a participant to email, save, or print the entire transcript of the meeting (from the moment the captioner joins the event until the captioner leaves). This is available regardless of when the participant joins the meeting..

The transcript is only available for 24 hours from the start of event from the caption link.

Questions about call transcripts

How do I print, email or save a transcript of my captions?

If requested by the host of the conference call, video meeting or webinar, the transcript is available on the RCC link in the confirmation email from the time immediately following the event up to 24 hours after the start of the meeting.

Can my transcript be encrypted?

Yes, SSL encryption is available on all RCC events.

Are my captions confidential?

Absolutely! Every captioner must sign a confidentiality agreement to be able to provide captions.

Troubleshooting questions

What does it mean if the words stop appearing?

If there are no words being displayed on the screen, it could mean that the event has ended or nobody is speaking at that exact moment. Make sure the captioner is present and that the event is still underway. If you are having trouble with the event for any reason, pressing the refresh button on the browser may alleviate your issue.

Who do I contact if I have problems or questions with my captioned event?

For captioning support during a meeting, please email or call 833-250-2784 and provide the Event ID found in the confirmation email sent to the requestor.

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Interface overview

Captioning interface

Visual example of the captioning interface, how ever you reusing captions.

Helpful PDF about how the teleconference captioning interface works