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T-Mobile IP Relay

Go deeper on your IP Relay understanding.

You must register to use IP Relay.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires everyone who uses IP Relay registers with the provider before doing so. Part of this registration includes a process where we must verify your identity. But registration is easy. Register here.

Placing an IP Relay call is easy.

  1. Sign in on the T-Mobile IP Relay web site with your user name and password.
  2. Type the phone number (including area code) you want to call
  3. Click Dial. Note: If you have dialing instructions, type them to the Relay Operator before you click dial.

Once you click "dial..."

  1. The Operator will answer “T-Mobile IP Relay 9999F Dialing...1...2...3...
    1. The Number is the operator's identification number.
    2. The letter following it is the operator's gender.
  2. The operator relays/voices your typed message to your caller.
  3. The operator types everything your caller says and types GA ("Go Ahead") at the end of each response. 
  4. When you are ready to end your call, type SK ("Stop Keying") and click the "Disconnect" button.

Register for IP Relay.

Take the first step: register. To use IP Relay, you'll need to register for the service. This quick, easy form will get you set up. Once you've registered, you can start making and receiving IP Relay calls right away.

Get the App.

Rather not use a browser? Download the IP Relay app for a quick, convenient way to add T-Mobile IP Relay to your iPhone or Android device. 

download the IP Relay app from the Apple App Store by clicking here Download the IP Relay app for Android devices via Google Play by clicking here

IP Relay Q & A

About the service

Who can use the service?

T-Mobile IP Relay is designed for anyone who is Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, DeafBlind or who has a Speech Disability. The service must be used to communicate with hearing callers in the US or its territories.

FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS the use of IP Relay Service by anyone other than REGISTERED users.

Why do I have to register to use the service? Great question! The Federal Communications Service (FCC) requires all relay service users to register and to verify their identity. Don't worry though. It's easy, and most people complete their registration in a few minutes.
How do I register for IP Relay? It's easy! Just visit this link to get started
Tell me more about this "operator" on calls.

A relay operator literally "relays" the call, and is not part of the conversation. T-Mobile operators must follow strict confidentiality rules and are forbidden — by law — to record or disclose anything from any conversation they relay. 

They are not interpreters and do not interpret what they relay. A relay operator must type everything heard from the hearing caller — even  background noises — and relay it to you as the IP Relay user. 

Likewise, they are required to read aloud everything you type, including what is typed in parentheses, to the person you're calling.

Why use a live operator instead of something automated?

Great question! We believe a live operator provides the best experience for IP Relay users, and are best equipped to accurately and completely relay what is said by the hearing people you're talking to. 

We also think a live operator is better at relaying conversations with people who have different accents or who have speech differences that may not be interpreted by an automated option.

Can I receive calls too? Absolutely! When you register for T-Mobile IP Relay, you receive your own phone number. When someone dials that number, you can pick the call up and have the conversation in text, just like you would if you were starting the call.
Does IP Relay work with braille displays. It sure does! And T-Mobile continues to work with the DeafBlind community to ensure that braille equipment/software continues to work with IP Relay.
What about international calls?

Nope. Unfortunately, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not allow International calls through Internet relay services. If you need to make an international call, you'll need to use the T-Mobile Relay International Service (using a TTY) at 605-224-1837 to complete your international relay call.

Can I use IP Relay in Spanish? You sure can, whether you use it on the web or through the IP Relay App. However, this is only for Spanish-to-Spanish calls. Translation services are not available.
What are the system requirements?

IP Relay requires very little to make your calling experience great. All you need is:

  1. An Internet connection. Examples include Wi-Fi or a wireless network.*
  2. A common Internet browser still supported by its creator. Examples include Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  3. Something to view the captions on. Examples include a computer, tablet, or mobile phone with iOS 11 or higher or Android OS 6.0 or higher.

That's it!

* Data and standard message rates may apply.

Can I place 911 calls using IP Relay?

Yes. Although IP Relay can be used for emergency calling, such emergency calling may not function the same as traditional 911/E911 services. By using IP Relay for emergency calling, you agree that T-Mobile is not responsible for any damages resulting from errors, defects, malfunctions, interruptions or failures in accessing or attempting to access emergency services through IP Relay; whether caused by negligence of T-Mobile or otherwise. Learn more.

Can I set my preferences for future calls?

Yes. You can store your preferences — like customer notes, emergency location information, and frequently dialed numbers—by logging into the T-Mobile IP Relay web site and click on Customer Profile to update your Call Preferences.

How can I stop robo/scam calls coming to my IP Relay phone number?

We all hate these calls, right? Here are a couple of actions you may take:

  1. Visit the National Do Not Call Registry which can help deter some calls.
  2. Visit this FCC link to report robcalls.
Can I use IP Relay on a conference call?

Yes, IP Relay may be used for conference calls when there are more than two callers.  One caller must set up the conference bridge or web conferencing platform and provide the dial-in number to all participants, including the IP Relay user.  The IP Relay user opens the IP Relay app and dials the conference bridge or web conferencing audio phone number.  Once connected to the Relay Operator, the IP Relay user provides the access number for the Relay Operator to join the call.  The IP Relay user may ask the other callers on the call to identify who is speaking for the Relay Operator to type everything heard.

What is "Text Mail"?

Audio users have "voice mail." Text Mail is the text equivalent for IP Relay. When a voice caller is unable to reach you, the IP Relay operator types the caller’s message and emails it to the address you provided when you registered for IP Relay.

Can I use T-Mobile IP Relay on a data-only wireless plan? Yes. Data charges may apply, depending on your wireless carrier, unless you're using it with a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

In-call questions

How can I change my font size and background color options for my conversation?

On the Web:  Window Preferences will magnify the font size or CTRL + will increase the entire website font size.  Display settings will change the background color and font color.

In the IP Relay App. Mobile device users can go to the iOS or Android accessibility features to update font size, bold text or invert colors.

What options to I have if I don't like scrolling?

Depending on the resolution of your computer display, you may want to try different Display settings and zoom levels.  Most people will find setting the Display Setting to "small" and the Window Preferences text size to 200% magnification helps eliminate scrolling and keeps the conversation text on the conversation screen. 

Can I increase the size all the screen elements? Probably. You should be able to adjust the zoom level of the website in your browser by using CTRL (+) to increase and CTRL (–) to decrease the size of the website. 
Can I change the transmission speed from the relay operator?

Yes. You can control you can control this by signing into the site, clicking Customer Profile>Call Preferences>Agent Typing Speed

Then, select your preferred words per minute.  The Relay Operator will have the ability to increase or decrease your transmission speed by 5 words per minute.

How do I end a call, and what happens after?

What does "End" mean when I finish my call?

Clicking “End” at the end of the call disconnects you from the Relay Operator. If you'd like to make additional calls, don't click "End." You'll stay on the same connection with the same operator, and can make additional calls without changing operators.

What if I don't want to make another call?

Click "End," and you're given three options: “Copy”, “Email” or “Done”.  Your conversation will not be deleted until one option is selected.  Choosing “Done” deletes the conversation and returns you to the “Make or Receive a Call” screen on the web or the Home Screen in the app.


Can I save, email, and print my conversation?

Yes. Whether you're using IP Relay through the app or on the web, you can copy or email your conversation, and then print it at your convenience.

Can I save my conversation on the T-Mobile IP Relay website?

Not on the web. If you'd like to keep a copy of your conversation, we recommend that you:

  1. Click “Copy” and then paste into a document like Notepad or Notes; or
  2. Click “Email” to send the conversation to your preferred email address

Receiving IP Relay calls (10-digit number)

How do I receive calls from hearing callers with IP Relay?

When you register for IP Relay, you're given a phone number (referred to as a "10-digit number.") Hearing people reach you by dialing this number.

  1. A hearing caller dials your IP Relay 10-digit number
  2. They're connected to a Relay operator to complete the call, and the operator connects them with you. You receive the call on your preferred device.
  3. If you are not available, the operator will ask the hearing caller if they would like to leave a Text Mail message.  If so, the operator will send the message to you as an email message.
Where do I get an IP Relay 10-digit number? When you register for the service, you're automatically provided a 10-digit number.
Why am I receiving messages that ask if I want to keep my IP Relay 10-digit number?

T-Mobile understands that you may no longer need to use IP Relay.  If stop using IP Relay for a six-month period, you may receive a notification asking if you would like to keep your IP Relay 10-digit number. By responding “Yes,” you'll keep your number.

IP Relay and braille displays

Does IP Relay work with Braille displays and screen readers, and is it accessible to DeafBlind users?

Yes, IP Relay works with Braille displays and screen readers. T-Mobile continues to work with the DeafBlind community to ensure that equipment/software is compatible with IP Relay. Please feel free to share your input on how to continue to enhance the DeafBlind user experience by contacting

I'm having trouble with my braille display. What should I do?

For iOS device users, the "speech hints" settings may significantly interrupt reading performance on your braille display using IP Relay. To eliminate speech hints interruptions, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on settings app on any of your iOS Apple devices

  2. Tap on General button

  3. Tap on Accessibility button

  4. Tap on Voiceover on button

  5. Tap on Verbosity button

  6. You read “Speech Hints On”

  7. Tap “Speech Hints to toggle to Off

  8. Close the settings app and go to home screen

  9. Tap on IP Relay and make or receive all calls.

[Download] Complete instructions on IP Relay and braille displays. Download this guide for more detail on using braille displays with IP Relay. 

Downloadable resources

Spread the word.IP Relay flyer

Want to tell friends, family or an employer about IP Relay? Download the brochure.

Download PDF or Doc

Voice Carry Over.
Instructions2-line voice carry over (VCO)

Handy instructions that will help you get going with IP Relay and 2-line Voice Carry Over (VCO).

 Download PDF 

2-line hearing carry over (HCO)
Instructions2-line hearing carry over (HCO)

Handy instructions that will help you get going with IP Relay and 2-line Hearing Carry Over (HCO).

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Using IP Relay on iOS document
InstructionsUsing the IP relay app on iOS.

Step-by-step instructions for using T-Mobile IP Relay on iOS devices.

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Using IP Relay on Android document
InstructionsUsing IP Relay on Android.

Step-by-step instructions for using T-Mobile IP Relay on Android devices.

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Instructions for using IP Relay on the web
InstructionsUsing IP Relay App on the web.

Step-by-step instructions for using T-Mobile IP Relay on the web.

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Get started with IP Relay.