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T-Mobile Speech-to-speech resources and FAQs


The shortcut: easier access to STS for T-Mobile customers.

If T-Mobile is your wireless network, you can access STS in just one tap! Put this handy shortcut on your phone and dial in one tap! It's a shortcut, not an app, and makes STS even easier. 

Add the shortcut

Preparing for and setting up your STS calls

Can I request a specific STS operator?

While we cannot accept requests for specific STS operators, all of our operators trained to handle calls for people with speech differences.

Can the STS operator make calls or leave messages for me without me calling in?

An STS user must start a call before the STS operator can leave a message.

How far in advance can I set up my STS Call?

If you completed a Customer Profile, you can set up a call up to 24 hours in advance.

Can I give the STS operator several instructions before the call?

Yes, the STS user can instruct the operator how they would like their call to be announced, handled and any information about the call that may help the STS operator complete a successful call.

Can I make a 911 emergency call?

Yes. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 directly. You may use the Speech-to-Speech service by dialing 877-787-2606 (or *787 if your wireless phone is on the T-Mobile network) to call 911 services.  Using STS services may not be as fast as dialing 911 directly. Be prepared to provide your full name, description of emergency and location. Learn more.

General STS information

Is the content of my calls kept confidential?

Yes, all STS operators are required to keep the contents of their calls completely confidential.

Can I use STS for my international calls? Yes! You can make international calls through the Speech-to-Speech service. People outside the US wanting to call you should dial 605-224-1837 to reach a STS operator.
What information should I include in my STS Call Setup?

STS Call Setup is an optional feature to help speed up call processing for a specific STS call. TRS Customer Profile (see above) is required before using the STS Call Setup form.

Complete the STS Call Setup form online at least 2 hours before your STS call. Your STS Call Setup form will be saved for up to 24 hours. On this form, you can provide:

• Phone number and name of person/business you plan to call

• Announcement for STS operator to make to the person/business at the start of your STS call (e.g., “This is John calling to check on my puppy.”)

• Instructions for STS operator (e.g., details about the subject of the call, call handling preferences, or anything to make the call easier)

How do I set up a Customer Profile? How do I set up a TRS Customer Profile for a STS user?
TRS Customer Profile is an optional feature to help speed up call processing for all STS calls.
1. Go to TRS Customer Profile.
2. Click “Register” and create your username & password.
3. Sign in to complete your TRS Customer Profile.
4. The following features are available in the TRS Customer Profile:
• Frequently Dialed numbers
• Call Preferences
• Notes (Instructions to the STS operator for your calls)
• Permissions (Block Numbers)
• Speech-to-Speech (Calling Handling Options)
Where can I find FCC information about STS? Yes. Visit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) web site for more information.
STS "Call Me" Cards

Make it easier to reach you.

“STS Call Me” cards are for you to share with people who want to call you. Print out the cards, fill in your name & phone number and then give them out.



Speech-to-Speech Flyer

Spread the word.

If you'd like to share more about speech-to-speech service with friends, family, or your employer, download this flyer.

Speech-to-Speech-Flyer with happy man enjoying a phone call


Printed Customer Profile

Mail or fax your profile.

If you prefer to print, fill out, and mail your Customer Profile to us, download and follow the instructions on this form.