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Accessibility services

30 years of accessibility

T-Mobile Accessibility has worked to make communication accessible since our first relay service in 1990. Since then, our unwavering commitment to accessible communication has extended from traditional phone calls to conference calls, to live meetings, and to mobile calls on our 5G network..

Accessible Phone Calls

Whether you're using text, your own voice, or some combination, T-Mobile offers a way to make your call quickly and conveniently.

Accessible meetings (captions)

Whether you're simply joining a work conference call, participating in a video call with family, or attending a live meeting for your organization,  following the conversation is critical. T-Mobile's caption services add a trained, live captioner to your meeting who captions all the speakers on the call so you can clearly see who says what, and you can follow the conversation. Optional two-way captions also caption what you say for full meeting interaction.

T-Mobile offers three ways to benefit from conference captions including options that are state- or federally-funded.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Explore the possibilities with T-Mobile! Powered by T-Mobile's 5G network, the accessibility services you love — VRS, IP Relay, Speech-to-Speech — are available in more places. Ready to experience a more inclusive network? Contact us, and a member of our dedicated team will reach out!