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Accessible phone calls

Connect your way.

T-Mobile has been providing accessible ways to engage on phone calls since 1990. In the years since, we've grown the number of ways to connect with more and more accessible options.

Type and read your calls.

Use T-Mobile IP Relay to call your doctor, mechanic, lawyer — anyone with a phone number — using text instead of audio! From a computer or an app on your mobile phone, you can read what they say, as they say it, and type your response with IP Relay! If you have hearing loss, use IP Relay to make and receive calls your way—with text!

Options for people with a speech disability.

With T-Mobile Speech-to-Speech service, you have a speech assistant on every call! This specially trained operator listens as you speak, and uses their voice to “re-voice” your words, verbatim, to the person you’re calling for a smooth conversation.  

Use a TTY for relay calls.

Prefer to place calls with your TTY? You can do so using your state's relay services. You can also make calls using Voice Carry Over (VCO), Hearing Carry Over (HCO) and Speech to Speech (STS)

Braille calls for the DeafBlind community

With T-Mobile IP Relay, people who are DeafBlind can make and receive calls. The service is comparable with a variety of braille readers, and offers a host of customization options for anyone with low-vision.

Accessible wireless resources

Devices, software, and digital assistants that make wireless more accessible.